Janan packaging photography at Unit

Janan meats were at the Unit today with a new range of products for the retail market.

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DPM NPD Unit has a multitude of uses

Our highly versatile NPD unit has hosted product launches, cutting demos, photography and video shoots.

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AHDB and KARRO use NPD unit for new pork products

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Video at NPD Unit

AHDB shot Shear Force Testing video at our NPD Unit

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Something for the dark chilly winter nights

The weather has been warmer but it is now getting chilly and my central heating has gone on the blink twice. Looking for meals that are thick and warming and nothing like a slow cooked stew, casserole or pot roast to warm me back up.

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Halloween Pumpkin Soup

We’ve been creating Halloween Pumpkins but don’t forget pumpkin soup with what’s left

So after you’ve created your scary carved pumpkin lanterns for Halloween night, what to do with the leftover flesh from the pumpkin? Halloween Pumpkin Soup!  Read more


Is consumer research always right?

Consumer research is something that drives many decisions within most companies but is it always right?

Is consumer research always right? We have seen during recent elections and the EU referendum that research forecasts from on line polling have become unreliable whilst results are coated in caveats the forecast outcomes have been wrong.

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