Something for the dark chilly winter nights

The weather has been warmer but it is now getting chilly and my central heating has gone on the blink twice. Looking for meals that are thick and warming and nothing like a slow cooked stew, casserole or pot roast to warm me back up.

Make lots of it and you can then have it the next day, always better the second day I think, and put some in the freezer so you have quick easy meals ready and waiting as the dark nights get closer and we look for something hearty but quick and easy in the December rush up to Christmas. A stew, pot roast or casserole is usually something the kids love as the meat should be tender and fall apart after the cooking and the vegetables, even the ones they don’t like, taste much better after being cooked in the with the meat.  And it is always worth experimenting with a bit of beer or wine to make it that little bit tastier.