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Halloween Pumpkin Soup

We’ve been creating Halloween Pumpkins but don’t forget pumpkin soup with what’s left So after you’ve created your scary carved pumpkin lanterns for Halloween night, what to do with the leftover flesh from the pumpkin? Halloween Pumpkin Soup! 

So what do DPM do?

We are a food marketing specialists and design agency and have been working in the industry for over 30 years with just about everybody you could think of. Both trade and consumer marketing initiatives with suppliers, retailers and foodservice operators. Trade strategy, packaging, exhibitions, research, graphic design, sales promotion and photography.


Is consumer research always right?

Consumer research is something that drives many decisions within most companies but is it always right? Is consumer research always right? We have seen during recent elections and the EU referendum that research forecasts from on line polling have become unreliable whilst results are coated in caveats the forecast outcomes have been wrong.

Can the “Value” tier survive the growth of Aldi and Lidl?

The growth of discounters The position of the “value” tier has been challenged by the success of the discounters, the growth of discounters Aldi and Lidl, targeting a mid-market standard branded product at a value price, and it is unlikely that the large supermarkets can counter this challenge by offering an inferior “value” product at […]


Foodservice Chatter

Manchester – It’s All Going On Eating out of home is booming again as we all start to feel that the recession maybe behind us. There’s something out there to fit any budget and it’s a great social experience. Burger bars are popping up all over the place. Manchester is really buzzing at the moment, […]

What’s going on in Retail

Shop Local – What’s going on in Retail Well, the big multiples are once again fighting each other on price and marketing their food products, but where does that leave the farmers and what’s going on in retail? What’s really bugging me at the moment is Spanish tomatoes! No disrespect to Spanish toms mind, but […]

Healthy eating outlook

Your healthy eating outlook OK, so just a few months ago, the weekly alcohol units were slashed, looking for a healthy eating outlook We were advised, over many years of constant badgering from research scientists, academics and doctors, not to eat too much fat. Dairy fats were bad and skimmed milk was in vogue along with […]

Does anybody out there like lamb, because I do!

When I look over research for lamb, consumers keep telling us they are getting fed up with lamb. It’s too bony, too fatty, poorly presented on many occasions and inconsistent You never know what you’re going to get. Lamb sales keep falling and its value in the market keeps falling.