Beef report in the foodservice sector

Irish food and drink organisation Bord Bia recently asked us to help them with establishing market size and value in the foodservice market for beef and provide a list of a 20 key targets. 

It was agreed the first section should concentrate on the licensed sector and Catering Butchers.

Licensed sector includes the following channels:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Pubs

The final report we were asked to produce highlighted the following:

  • What is the worth of each channel (estimates on volumes & value)
  • Who are the key operators in each of these channels?
  • What is the worth of each of these operators (estimates on volume & value)
  • Any opportunities/growth with the operator?
  • What are the challenges with that operator?

In order to find the top 20 targets DPM undertook the project in the following stages:

  • Review research data available via Bord Bia
  • Meetings with the client to discuss other information already known
  • Undertake comprehensive desk based research on menu analysis, buying and procurement policies
  • Prepare initial report to identify the top outlets 
  • Identify key 20 targets
  • Analyse findings and report on key targets and opportunities

Our findings where then compiled into a presentation and a detailed written report for the client to use.

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