Foodanory – good food story time

Foodanory – good food story time

We know that pack designs are important. Label sleeves, half sleeves, vacuum packed, gas flushed and of course costs to be taken into account. Time for a good food story, Foodanory !

One day, a supplier of a major multiple retailer called and asked to come over for a chat and a cup of coffee.

It was all about a new packaging design for ‘Premium Cumberland Sausages’ – now there’s a great product. Try Woodhalls butchers in Cumbria for the best sausage in the world!!

Anyway, back to the brief – nice product photography, rustic feel, farmer backdrop. Looked great but sales were very disappointing.

Foodanory – good food story time

It’s the packaging design that everybody shouted about at the review meeting. Back to the drawing board.

OK new concepts – let’s get the pigs on the pack, farm gate, that sort of thing – still poor sales.

Then we tried a typographical approach with earthy colours – still disappointing results.

“It’s the price” I said, before a new design company was mooted.

“Price” shouted the marketing manager, we hardly make any money on it anyway.

“Who said anything about a price reduction” I replied.

“It’s too cheap” I shouted with enthusiasm. Let’s go back to the first design, but put the price up.

Engage with the consumer that they are buying something special with the very best of ingredients, worth paying a little more for – put the consumer in a purchase comfort zone.

This really pointed out to me the importance of price as part of the marketing package.

Sales took off and everybody lived happily ever after.