Healthy eating outlook

Your healthy eating outlook

OK, so just a few months ago, the weekly alcohol units were slashed, looking for a healthy eating outlook

We were advised, over many years of constant badgering from research scientists, academics and doctors, not to eat too much fat.

Dairy fats were bad and skimmed milk was in vogue along with low fat cheeses and yoghurts.

Don’t eat too much bread and certainly don’t eat too much white bread.

Don’t eat fried food.

Panic attacks relating to the latest research on processed meats and the link to cancer – so no more bacon, ham or salami.

Sausages are supposed to be bad for you as well.

We are even told which type of fish to eat – the ones with high omega/ 3 fatty acids and healthy oil content.

Oh and eggs – now just eat the whites, not the yolks.

Anyway, wine is good for you I’m now told – in moderation of course.

Full dairy fat is good for you now and so are eggs, which is great because I have three hens at home.

Isn’t it all about moderation, unless we have a specific dietary issue or are advised on allergies?

I say enjoy a pint or two, bacon butties, steak and chips and a glass of wine. Have a glass of milk and toast some white bread, just do it all in moderation.

It makes sense to me, what do you think?

Educating the consumer is helpful on this to remind people of fat content and alcohol units etc.

Informative packaging and merchandising is the answer – need some help on this?