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Shop Local – What’s going on in Retail

Well, the big multiples are once again fighting each other on price and marketing their food products, but where does that leave the farmers and what’s going on in retail?

What’s really bugging me at the moment is Spanish tomatoes!

No disrespect to Spanish toms mind, but our very own tomatoes are hitting the shops now – great texture and full of flavour.

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Your healthy eating outlook

OK, so just a few months ago, the weekly alcohol units were slashed, looking for a healthy eating outlook

We were advised, over many years of constant badgering from research scientists, academics and doctors, not to eat too much fat.

Dairy fats were bad and skimmed milk was in vogue along with low fat cheeses and yoghurts.

Don’t eat too much bread and certainly don’t eat too much white bread.

Don’t eat fried food.

Panic attacks relating to the latest research on processed meats and the link to cancer – so no more bacon, ham or salami.

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When I look over research for lamb, consumers keep telling us they are getting fed up with lamb. It’s too bony, too fatty, poorly presented on many occasions and inconsistent

You never know what you’re going to get.

Lamb sales keep falling and its value in the market keeps falling.

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Foodanory – good food story time

We know that pack designs are important. Label sleeves, half sleeves, vacuum packed, gas flushed and of course costs to be taken into account. Time for a good food story, Foodanory !

One day, a supplier of a major multiple retailer called and asked to come over for a chat and a cup of coffee.

It was all about a new packaging design for ‘Premium Cumberland Sausages’ – now there’s a great product. Try Woodhalls butchers in Cumbria for the best sausage in the world!!

Anyway, back to the brief – nice product photography, rustic feel, farmer backdrop. Looked great but sales were very disappointing.

Foodanory – good food story time

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