The importance of Lamb at home

Much is made of the fact that lamb sales in the home market have been declining in recent years but there should still be some degree of optimism in the market to turn this around. The lamb market is significant at just under £600m. Many big brands in the UK can only dream of having this size and stature. 

Over 54% of households purchased lamb at least once in the last year. If you think every other house where you live purchased lamb last year, this is a product with great potential. 

Questions for lamb

Away from fresh meat, what are the growing meal opportunities and how can we position lamb to grow in these markets? 

  • How can lamb defend its current position in the fresh meat market? 
  • What sections of society are cooking with fresh lamb and who isn’t? 
  • What age groups are using lamb? 
  • The diversity of the UK population is always changing and there is growth amongst these sectors that are big lamb consumers, how can lamb target these consumers? 
  • If 54% of households are purchasing once a year what can we do with these existing customers to get them to buy once or twice more? 


Is enough currently being done to protect lamb for the future or will we see lamb decline to become more of a speciality niche product?

DPM are passionate about this topic, the lamb farmers who depend on consumers purchasing lamb and the sustainability of British agriculture. 

Here at DPM we do not see lamb as a commodity product and controversially perhaps do not see price as the major problem. We are tired of hearing lamb is too expensive and it needs to be cheaper! How on earth are farmers going to make any money selling lamb if market pressure us dictating it needs to be cheaper.

  • We think the word “price” should be banned when it comes to lamb! 
  • It’s the “value” of lamb that should be the key word for consumers and the message that needs to be communicated to them.
  • Positioning lamb as great value, tasty, versatile, a favourite for consumers in and out of the home.

What do we mean by value?

  • Relevant product ranges and cuts
  • Get lamb into convenience ranges such as ready meals and kitchen ready products
  • Encouraging farmers to get the best value for lambs at market by producing livestock to a specification the market demands.
  • Processing to provide better value for the carcase through NPD and enhanced butchery.
  • Provide the consumer with lamb that is great value:

We need to develop a new strategy and change the current image of lamb before it’s too late.

What do we know?

  • We know Catering Butchers don’t have a problem with lamb
  • We know Michelin star chefs and restaurants don’t have a problem with lamb
  • We know top butchers don’t have a problem with lamb
  • We know the export market doesn’t have a problem with lamb
  • We know the ethnic population don’t have a problem with lamb

The new plan for lamb

L – Livestock – Getting it right on the farm

A – Assurance – Welfare, safety, traceability – Product integrity 

M – Meat quality – Consistent guaranteed eating quality, well presented, consistent and convenient – NPD Initiatives

B – Brand – Build a new image for lamb that focuses on its value, taste, versatility and provenance

PLAN – To engage lamb in the convenience, ready meal, kitchen ready market in both the retail and foodservice sectors. 

We would love to hear your thoughts on lamb. Please feel free to get in touch with us to get your views across and share your ideas on how we can get lamb back on the menu in restaurants and back in the kitchen at home.