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Shop Local – What’s going on in Retail

Well, the big multiples are once again fighting each other on price and marketing their food products, but where does that leave the farmers and what’s going on in retail?

What’s really bugging me at the moment is Spanish tomatoes!

No disrespect to Spanish toms mind, but our very own tomatoes are hitting the shops now – great texture and full of flavour.

Support our local products, farmers and shops.

Local beef, Herdwick lamb, Cheshire spuds, Cumberland sausage, Cornish cheeses and fresh fish from around the coastline – shop local, that’s what I say. Marketing food products is all about telling your story.

Things are taking off on the local market front too, with more and more around our region – Bolton, Bury (with its famous black pudding) and the award winning Altrincham market, all full of local produce.

The rise in local farm shops is another example of how this regional uptake is getting more traction with consumers.

Let me know about your area, local shops, farmers, butchers and groceries.

Regional beers and wines are also hitting the local market scene and boosting regional economies.

Look up a Q Guild or Quality Standard Mark butcher in your area for the best in quality meat.

Take the taste test and the guarantees that are on offer with local food from local farmers and suppliers. But, are you prepared to pay a little more for it?